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Study shows that many who get tattoos wind up with tattoo regret.

Many find the need to have meaning for their tattoos in order to avoid a stigma of tattoo regret.
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Spike TV

As the school year winds down for our youths, many will take part in the recent right of passage of getting a tattoo now that they are out of high school. Many of those who have finally reached the legal age (18 in most areas) to receive a tattoo see it as a step towards solidifying their move into adulthood. But they should be careful, as some of them will likely fall into the group of people who develop regret over their tattoos, according to a study from the Social Science Journal.

According to the study and a recent article in Time magazine, many people suffer from a still prevalent social stigma for those who choose to get a tattoo. It is not only the people who simply tell them that they will regret the tattoos when they get older, but another unexpected stigma as well. Many people feel the need to justify their tattoo by giving some meaning to their tattoo. They feel the need to have some story behind the tattoo--it was in memory of a person or event in their life, a personal achievement, etc.--and while that may be true, some find the need to explain their tattoos tiresome and may cause the regret. This, combined with those that simply get a tattoo for a silly reason and tell the story over again can also have their own problems.

This part of the our society rarely gets addressed, but it is often a cross that many have tattoos must bear (especially if they have a cross tattoo). While some may have a great story behind each one of their tattoos, some people may simply have gotten a tattoo because they liked the design. Either way, having a tattoo is an important choice to make, so those considering getting a tattoo make sure you know why you're getting it, because people are going to ask. And don't be afraid to just say you thought it looked cool.

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