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Study shows hemp seed oil helps Multiple Sclerosis

An article by Paul Armentano, the NORML Deputy Director, noted a new study released this week that shows the use of hemp seed oil to help Multiple Sclerosis.

Hemp oil

Consuming the legal hemp seed nutritional oil along with primrose oils on a diet of high in Hot-natured foods (such as pepper) and low in saturated fats and sugars, is associated with “significant improvement” in symptom management and immunological characteristics in subjects with Multiple Sclerosis.

The study is from the clinical trial data published in the recent edition of the scientific journal BioImpacts.

The research was done at Tabriz University of Medical Sciences in Iran.

The six month diet among 23 patients with relapsing-remitting MS consisted of doses of hemp seed oil, evening primrose oils and a restricted diet. The hemp seed oil contains potent antioxidative properties.

It also regulates inflammatory responses which could help in the treatment of the disease.

Authors concluded: “After 6 months, significant improvements in extended disability status score were found. … [O]ur study demonstrates for the first time in the literature a decrease in both clinical and pro- inflammatory disease activity in MS patients during periods of dietary intervention. Our data demonstrated that co-supplemented hemp seed and evening primrose oils with Hot-natured diet intervention may decrease the risk of developing MS.”

Previously published clinical trials assessing the impact of inhaled cannabis in patients with MS have demonstrated it can alleviate disease symptoms — such as involuntary spasticity, neuropathy, and bladder dysfunction — and, in some subjects, may actually moderate disease progression.

Nonetheless, the National MS Society shares little enthusiasm for cannabis or cannabis-derived products as a therapeutic option for MS patients.


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