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Study shows : Breastfeeding Saves Lives

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A recent study released details the number of babies that could be saved yearly by being breastfed. Surprisingly enough, with all the medical advances we have made, improvements in baby formula, and education on breastfeeding, it still isn't enough for the estimated 911 babies that will die annually in The United States because they were not breast fed.

According to this new study, over 13 billion dollars annually could be saved by more mothers breastfeeding their children.

The current recommendation put in place by The American Academy of Pediatrics encourages mothers to breastfeed for at least the first year of the child's life. Unfortunately for American women, the CDC reports that only 74% of women attempt to breastfeed, only 33% are still exclusively breastfeeding at 3 months, and only 14% are still breastfeeding at 6 months, most not meeting the minimum recommendation.

Many are quick to point the finger at many different reasons that breastfeeding may have not worked for them, but according to this study, as well as many other publications regarding the topics, the biggest factors impacting the ability to breastfeed for the minimum of one year are :

  • Lack of education on breastfeeding
  • Lack of skilled IBCLC's in The United States
  • Conflicting and confusing information provided to mothers
  • The economy
  • Women have to return to work shortly after birth because most do not have any form of paid maternity leave.

There are many other factors that impact these choices, especially the way birth is handled in the hospital. The window of the first hours after birth, often when babies are being taken away from the mother for bathing, tests, weight and height measurements, and all that goes along with modern American maternity care strongly impacts the change of a successful breastfeeding relationship.

To read more on this study, you can visit this site.


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