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Study says diet soda works better than water for weight loss

Diet Soft Drink
Diet Soft Drink

It's called "diet" soda, so it's only fitting that a new study would claim it helps you lose weight.

A new study released Monday funded by the American Beverage Association has some people questioning the reliability of its results.

But study participant Mark Huxsoll lost 50 pounds. He was among a group of diet soda drinkers who participated in a 12 week weight loss study conducted by Temple University’s Center for Obesity Research and Education (CORE) and the University of Colorado.

Half of the 300 participants switched from diet sodas to water, the others including Huxsoll, kept drinking at least two diet beverages a day. “I liked getting that sweeter taste and no guilt about that is helpful,” he said.

Dr. Sharon Herring with Temple University said, “The diet beverage group lost more weight, 13 pounds compared to 9 pounds in the water group.” Dr. Herring says the study shows diet drinks don’t interfere with weight loss as some earlier, limited research had indicated. She says, “All of the results were by investigators, not the Beverage Association, the way the results are presented are from investigators not Beverage Association.”

Theories on why the diet soda group lost more weight include: the diet beverage drinkers reported feeling less hungry than those who drank only water and the water group may have felt more deprived and made up for that with a few extra treats elsewhere.

What do you think, diet soda or water?

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