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Study on Asian Carp not planned to be completed before 2015

The Asian Carp study started in 2007 by the Army Corps of Engineers will not be finished until 2015 and many are frustrated with that time frame. With Asian Carp feeling like a much more immediate problem those that live in and around the lakes are agitating for quicker, better answers.

Unfortunately, there are not many new angles to examine the situation from. John Goss, the Asian Carp Director for the White House Council on Environmental Quality mentioned last week that marketing the fish as food may be a solution to get behind.

Now this is definitely not a new angle, in fact, I wrote about this very suggestion last year. There are people out there willing a ready to serve up Asian Carp to any who might eat them.

Of course, as with any idea about how to handle the Asian Carp problem there are a multitude of opinions about whether or not this is actually a good idea for the environment. The biggest problem of marketing the Asian Carp as a food fish here in the United States and in exports to Asian countries is that those trying to make money may foster populations of the fish in other places outside of where they have already invaded. A fisherman looking to make some money can easily snag some of the fish and move them to a water way were they previously had not been introduced. It creates a whole new set of problems.

No matter what happens in the future of the fight against Asian Carp and invasive species in general one thing remains clear: there are no easy answers.


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