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Study Island and EOG Success

Study Island got its start when the 2001 No Child Left Behind Act required all students be tested to ensure mastery of grade level knowledge. Today the program is used by more than a million students across the country, including grades K-8 in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School system.

With an Internet connection and login information provided by the school, your child can access Study Island to take pretests, post-tests and study a variety of lessons that will be covered on the spring EOG. Parents can encourage their child to log on during weekends or holidays to improve their test taking knowledge, and even monitor progress. For many parents this is an opportunity to see first-hand what their child will face on the EOG.

The Appeal of Study Island


Study Island contracted Magnolia Consulting in 2008 to study the effectiveness of its web-based programs in California, New Jersey and Michigan. Results across the three states showed that Study Island’s online instruction was significantly more effective than classroom instruction alone when it came to performance on state standardized-testing.


Test scores aside, Study Island is appealing to cash-strapped school systems because it does not require expensive printed supplemental products, or for any additional software to be purchased or installed. As stated above, all that is needed to use Study Island inside the school or out is an Internet connection and a password.

Ownership & Test Stress Relief

Study Island allows students, teachers and parents to monitor student mastery and knowledge deficiencies in an easy-to-understand way. This lets everyone involved control how much learning is needed or is not when it comes to performing well on the state EOG tests. For many this sense of control helps relieve EOG test stress and anxiety.