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Study finds Americans and Europeans differ in their sexual fetish preferences

A recent study reveals Europeans prefer kinkier videos than Americans
A recent study reveals Europeans prefer kinkier videos than Americans

In a study released on April 2, 2014, it was found that there is a vast difference in the sexual fetish preferences between North Americans and Europeans. Using data collected by, researchers were able to determine that North Americans prefer to watch solo masturbation videos while those living in Europe prefer kinkier practices, such as foot fetish and and female domination.

The study examined thirty days of data collected from the Customs4U website, where customers are able to submit requests for personalized videos of their direction. Visitors can choose their favorite adult performer, fetish and script to create a one of a kind pornographic experience for their viewing pleasure. Based on customer orders and information provided by Google Analytics, researchers were able to glean that Americans and Canadians, which make up 35% of its overall customer demographic, preferred masturbation videos by its models and performers. Femdom POV scenes, on the other hand, were the first choice by those in the UK, which make up 26% of all Customs4U users. It was also the preferred fetish of choice by Germans, and the second most requested fetish by the French and Italians, which total 9% of Customs4U’s customer base. Foot worship was preferred by Europeans across the board, being the first preference by French and Italian consumers, and second preference overall by German and Spanish clients. Those in Spain preferred strip tease video clips most of all.

“It is very interesting to see how fetish preferences can be projected by global demographics,” says founder and CEO Tim Stokely. “Of particular note was the difference between North Americans, who seem to prefer their erotic videos to be of the traditional adult entertainment variety, and the sexual preferences of us here in Europe, who appear to like things a bit kinkier.”