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Studio City restaurant offers 7 day a week happy hour


photo from Rocco's website

Rocco's Pizza launched a second location, Rocco's Tavern in Studio City.  Not only do they have the great Italian fare that the WIlshire location boasts, but they also - you guessed it - have a seven-day-per-week happy hour.

Happy hour consists of 2 for 1 drinks every day from 3pm-7pm.  So, instead of the (ugh) $6 beer, they're the (much more doable) $3 beers.  Rocco's also has a great patio, which further entices the early afternoon beer savoring.

They recently opened this location, so be patient with them, as they are still learning how to handle crowds correctly. 

The crowd that the patio draws is extremely friendly.  On the too-hot days, they also have an inside with spors-bar decor.