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Studies on Causes of Fibromyalgia Pain

We have all heard it before over the years that some Doctors out there still think Fibromyalgia is in our heads as a psychosomatic disorder. There have also been many studies done over the years, but we also must take a step back and realize that just because something new is found about a particular disorder, that it does not mean a cure was found or the actual cause of the disorder was fully discovered. We need to take look at all of the details that go to a grander puzzle right?

So, in spite of all the recent online news hype I will tell you about this new study that found another particular piece to this so called puzzle of Fibromyalgia. Just keep in mind that so much more needs to be studied on why this or that is so.

Now some headlines are claiming the whole source of Fibro pain has been discovered, but personally I and other researchers know there is much more to this than people realize at times. Recently researchers have found at least one major source to why Fibro is so painful and causes a tremendous amount of Chronic Fatigue. The new finding was found when studying tissues from patients in their hands (so far that is). It seems that those of us Fibro people have an extreme excessive amount of nerve fibers called called arteriole-venule (AV) shunts. Doctors had thought these fibers really had something to do with blood flow in the blood vessels of our skin, muscles and joints, but now it has been found that it is part of a system that regulates nerve pain.

So that can explain why many patients with Fibro have such severe pain in their hands, major tender points and widespread pain in all four quadrants of the body. But, keep in mind what stress, anxiety and depression can do to one with fibro as well. Some doctors that have worked on fibro for many years still believe that there is also a link to such psychiatric disorders to how much pain the disorder can take its toll on its victims.

Dr. Roger Muphree has a blog that discusses just what I mentioned about the psychiatric link with the pain signals. He still concludes that chronic or acute stress is the real trigger for severe Fibro pain, but I do disagree with this being the only cause of course. As a Fibro patient dealing with severe challenges myself, I know it isn't just about chronic stress, but I do know that stress and anxiety do play a huge part in how bad the condition can get. This along with other things can be extremely debilitating! Although I can agree more on one aspect he mentions, and that is how the weather (including room temperatures) can affect how painful Fibro patients can be. Fibro people are basically walking barometers, and that can easily be accentuated if you have some form of arthritis as well! You just know when more damp, dank and cold weather is headed your way! Oh, and don't forget about air conditioners that are on too much, to extremely hot temperatures that make one want to heave. Finding that just right temp is not easy. Dr. Muphree also has this new thing on his blog discussing how to get a deeper more regenerate sleep. I don't mean to laugh, but when you have severe, multiple and complicated sleep disorders; getting more sleep this way just doesn't work!

Anyways, with hopes that our friendly researchers and doctors of Fibromyalgia find more to this new information, we wait until next time.

By Tina Elliott

Gaurdian Express
The Fibro Doctor

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