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Studies, Omissions, Confusion who's telling truth?

Confusion, omission, who to believe?
Confusion, omission, who to believe?

With today’s massive avalanche of information regarding health and fitness, it can be tough to determine which information is accurate and more importantly which information is appropriate for each individual and their goals.

- I see the term “Studies Suggest” all the time. Stop it. There have been enough studies for us all to know that exercise and nutrition based on how the body actually works has tremendous impact on health, activity levels, attitude, self-confidence, and longevity. Let’s all stop pretending that the jury is still out on this subject.

Omission- This is an interesting double edged sword. Marketing teams and salespeople are charged with the task of selling their products, memberships, diets etc. Unfortunately, the sales pitch cannot include telling prospective buyers that in addition to the membership or product purchased, each individual will likely need an extensive education in nutrition and exercise programming in order to make proper use of what they are about to buy. It’s too much information and will likely cause the potential buyer to “think about it”. Consequently, those who wish to sell their wares leave that information out.

Confusion- And lots of it. How do you know what really works and what works best for you? Why haven’t the attempts you’ve made in the past been successful? Is it because these things don’t work? No. Several things come into play with regard to exercise and nutrition programming that make it appear as if you were sold a “bill of goods”. Any safe, physiologically sound nutrition/exercise program will work for some individuals. However, a particular item may not work for you. In addition, both nutrition and exercise programming MUST CHANGE every four to eight weeks in order to see progressive results as your body acclimates to the usage of the current program.

Appropriate nutrition and proper exercise will improve individual quality of life period. Much of what you read or see in an ad cannot possibly give you all the necessary information and programs need to be set up on an individual basis, monitored, and adjusted in order to see significant, continued results.

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