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Students Studying Abroad in America Need the Added Support of Insurance

Michelle Obama hit the nail on the head when she touted exchange students on March 22, 2014 as a chance for improved relations with countries like China.
Photo by ChinaFotoPress/Getty Images

The public policies and politics of a nation are influenced by the cultures of that country while the culture is shaped by those who rule the nation. This dynamic is most evident to those coming from a foreign land. Chinese and Indian students choosing to study in America, for example, will find a lifestyle that is vastly different from what they know. What they will find is a culture cemented in political freedom and a government that must appease outspoken Americans, yet they will also find themselves needing to adapt to the less structured, more choice-driven nature of our culture.

Studying abroad is a way to enrich the lives of students while it affords a host culture a chance to better understand those living in a foreign land. It is also a way of introducing a foreign culture to our way of life. That said, living in an alien culture comes with unexpected risks and costs. Unfortunately, bad experiences can transform a student looking to find an opportunity for cultural exchange into a bitter ambassador. Accordingly, foreign students need help preparing for their new life in America. Although school officials and community leaders should do their part to welcome those visiting our nation, it is a responsibility we all share.

At the same time, international students and their families also share in this burden. Consequently, they should consider purchasing International Student Insurance or International Student F1 Visa Insurance from a reputable provider like Trawick International, which specializes in the insurance needs of those visiting foreign lands. These products are a good way for foreign students to make unexpected issues and expenses financially manageable. When traveling to America or going home, these policies afford students the financial resources they need should something go wrong while offering them the support they need to help them figure out how to deal with whatever situation might arise.

Student Insurance is an expense, but it is a necessary and reasonable expense when headed to a foreign land. Connecting with a reputable provider and finding the right level of coverage will keep the foreign student safe while studying in the United States. Living in America can be a meaningful and memorable experience, but it is an experience that comes with new challenges. While host cultures always need to do their part to make the experience of those living abroad constructive, one way for students and their families to help a student prepare and cope with culture shock, as well as unexpected costs of living in a foreign land, is to purchase insurance specially designed to support their needs.

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