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Students say goodbye to summer employers and prepare to return to class

Summer is coming to an end and for many young people this means saying goodbye to employers and preparing to return to the college campus. Some students will actually continue working for the same employer during the regular school year. Others will return to their summer employer during the Christmas break. And those who don't work for the same employer or in the same industry will take valuable real life lessons with them. There are things a person can't really learn in the classroom. The lessons can only come from experience.

"I worked in a restaurant during the summer. I did a wide variety of jobs including cleaning tables, serving customers and greeting customers. I learned how a restaurant works and I also learned about business. And I learned how to work with a variety of customers under demanding conditions. I don't really want to work in restaurants my whole career but I know I can if I need to and I may do it during the regular school year," said Janna Goldstein. She is studying for a career in education.

"My father and I worked construction during the summer. It was hot and the work was very hard. But I think I developed some skills and I learned a lot about the construction business. I actually hope to become a general contractor after college. I have worked construction on and off for five years and I like the work. I like seeing a building go up and knowing that I helped build it," said Craig Chamberlain. He is studying for a degree in business administration.

"I worked at a summer camp during the summer. My goal is to become a teacher and I learned how to deal with children in a variety of situations. I think it is good idea to get work experience before really deciding on a career. There were some things I liked about working with children and there were some areas where I struggled. But I still hope to become a teacher," said Michelle Holt.

Some students will continue working with their summer employer during the regular school year. "For me, when the fall school year starts, my job situation does not change. I work at a grocery store and I will continue working at the store during the school year. I am studying business and I am learning a lot about the business world while working at the grocery store," said Miguel Ortiz.

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