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Students Receive Report Cards on their Eating Habits

Cornell University recently did a study that suggests students should receive report cards on their eating habits. Healthy foods in the school cafeteria tend to be less expensive than snack foods and less expensive than unhealthy alternatives.

Children eating fruits and vegetables for lunch
Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

The schools used for the experiment utilized cash registers that kept track of students and their purchases. Students used a debit card to pay for their meals to facilitate this tracking system. Report cards that analyzed the students’ eating habits were then distributed at scheduled intervals.

Once students and parents got used to the report card system for nutrition at school, some of the parents began to implement a similar nutrition plan at home. Most of them began to teach their children about nutrition and health. Many of the parents involved in the project immediately began to see a decline in the amount of money they were spending for their children’s meals.

The parents who were involved in the study were very appreciative of the opportunity to take part in the study. Taking part in the study gave the parents a chance to interact with their children and help the children make good decisions.


Science Daily

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