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Students protest against school lunches

What are school lunches coming to these days? In the 60’s children had to bring lunch money to school or do without. Today we have a federal school lunch program that is supposed to help poor students pay for lunch. Since Michelle Obama has came onto the school scene, we've went back a half a century and children are once again starving.

This is not a balanced meal.
This is not a balanced meal.
Yaboii Twilss

Michelle Obama is using food modification tactics regarding school lunches to change student eating behaviors and that's why student's are protesting and tossing it in the trash. The government is working under the guise that revamping food requirements through the federal school lunch program is helping students eat healthier. Truth is these kids don't want to eat a tasteless skimpy lunch and it is causing students to go hungry.

Even worse some students may not see a healthy meal all day because families are struggling to keep food on the table at home in our struggling economy. While younger students can only complain to parents older students hit up social media flashing photos of their so-called healthier lunch. Students feel they get nothing to sustain them through their school day and we all know eating helps boost brainpower.

Would you eat this? (See video)

Many schools are withdrawing from the federal lunch program due to the large amount of money lost from students deciding to bring lunch or purchasing the food that is thrown away by students. Since Michelle Obama’s mandates were enforced on federal lunch programs across the nation many schools are declining to participate. Income-based participation in federal program is 44.4 percent, down from 45.3 percent last year.