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Students paint themselves a new school

Students, representatives from Eight O'Clock Coffee and Publicolor celebrate a job well done
Students, representatives from Eight O'Clock Coffee and Publicolor celebrate a job well done

Students at August Martin High School are determining their future, in color. They have gathered together to paint the interior of their school. Through a partnership with Publicolor, whose mission is to revitalize public and civic spaces, students have repainted and beautified portions of the school.

The student group, which included approximately 50 students during the duration of the program, met after school and on weekends for the transformation. The group targeted students primarily in their senior year. Weekend sessions included volunteers to help in the process. The students picked the colors for the upgrade. The guidance suite and basement were two of the areas targeted for the upgrade.

The guidance suite was bright and cheery painted in yellow and neon green. The work had a professional gleam with sharp edges and no smudges. A professional paint job is not an easy task to accomplish, as the students explained. “You have to tape, is a process," said Munett Brownell one of the young ladies involved in the process.

All of the students were positive about their participation in the program using words like exciting and fun to describe their experience.

Principal Gillian Smith, in her second year at the school, wanted the students to be involved in the transformation. “[I didn’t want] the students to feel powerless,” she said in the decisions concerning their school.

On Thursday, March 5th, the students invited their partners, Publicolor and Eight O’Clock Coffee, for a ribbon cutting ceremony celebrating the results.

Eight O’Clock coffee was excited about participating in partnering in the project and felt the collaboration was ideal. They have recently updated their packaging adding style to the brand. They felt the redesign was akin to what the students were doing to the school. “More importantly, we have the same mission,” said Alisa Jacoby, Eight O’Clock coffee. “Inspiring and motivating through color. We are passionate about coffee and community.”

August Martin is currently undergoing a major construction of its exterior, the lights of which can be seen sparkling at night. Yet it is the look of the interior which impacts the everyday lives of students and which the partnership addressed. Although it cannot be seen from the outside, it seems it is working wonders on the inside.

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