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Students help save abandoned dog found eating carcass of another dog

Miss Moxie
Ghetto Rescue FFoundation

In early March, a beautiful young dog was discovered in a dismal, heartbreaking situation...the pup, dubbed "Ms. Moxie Antoinette," was living in a rundown Los Angeles, Calif., area where she was starving, and forced to eat the carcass of another dog just to survive.

Thankfully, Ms. Moxie's tale does not end there...she was saved by Ghetto Rescue Ffoundation (GRFF); the details of what took place next are touching...and the impact is far-reaching.

Danielle Howard, a fifth-grade teacher at a Los Angeles area public school, reached out to the National Dog News Examiner to share the impact that a photo of Ms. Moxie had on her students. She wrote:

Recently my 5th grade students were so affected by the photo of a rescued dog that they wanted to organize a fundraiser for her medical care. She had horrible mange, and later was found to have parvo. In honor of Cesar Chavez Day of Service (March 31), the kids organized a "Pennies for Puppies" donation campaign at school that raised $467.10. GRFF was so touched by this contribution and the kids' special posters and speeches, they surprised and honored the students with service award trophies at a school assembly.

The students' good deed went well beyond the fundraising for Ms. Moxie - Howard outlined how the children's efforts influenced the other students:

At the assembly earlier this month, the students presented a slide show and brief speeches in which they educated their peers about various topics related to responsible dog ownership (spay/neuter, vaccinations, microchips, training, dog runs, dog houses, food, puppy-proofing, fences/gates, leashes, becoming a vet, shelter statistics, and a few local rescue groups).

The students also wrote thank you cards to the veterinarian at Anaheim Animal Care for "saving Moxie's life" (as well as other dogs at discounted rates), and Dr. Park was so inspired by the kids' words he matched their donation with a $500 credit for Moxie's future care!

After Ms. Moxie was saved, another dog was rescued because of the students as well - one mother was convinced by her persuasive son to adopt a dog from the kill-list at the South Los Angeles Animal Care and Control.

The students had a direct impact on one abandoned dog and they were able to influence other children at their school with their speeches about responsible pet ownership. As Ms. Howard so eloquently stated, because of one special little dog, and an altruistic class, "hearts and minds have been forever imprinted."

After Ms. Moxie recuperated, one final detail remained...her adoption. The teacher with the big-hearted students decided to foster the beautiful pup and after several weeks, she realized that she was a "foster failure," and that the once abandoned dog would live at her home permanently.

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