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Students forgotten in the battle for pension reform

Lately, the headlines are highlighted with the battle over pension reform and in Pennsylvania that seems to take precedent. Lost in the shuffle is where the students fit into the mix. Governor Corbett appears to have an agenda that is heaped with corporate help while teachers are put on the chopping block and students are being packed into rooms that are crowded.

Included in this decision are programs that are slashed and billions of dollars cut from the education budget. That scenario seems to be the agenda for many years, but a nerve-racking attack on pension reform appears to be more important than the students. Legislators have turned back those attacks and any hybrid plans to change the scenery of education in Pennsylvania. Corbett has been relentless to change the reforms and even vetoed the budget for 2014-15.

Not only students face an uphill battle of their own, the parents will have to make important decisions and need direction for making a favorable educational choice. Each year, colleges and universities are raising the tuition and taxes are being thrust on the family budget. It is a double edged sword that families are put in a money-crunching dilemma. On one end, there are larger class sizes, deplorable classroom conditions and programs being cut; on the other end, is finding ways to find monies to procure a better education for students and finding alternatives to save money for future choices in higher education.

Standing in the foreground is the constant battle between legislators and Governor Corbett to find answers for the ubiquitous headlines that are displayed depicting who did right and wrong and the responsibility of blame from the past. Very little interest and information is directed for students on all educational levels. They are the ones that will make the Keystone State strong and a hope for the future in education.

There are choices for students and parents and enough time to find a way out of the petty battles, but that will mean students and their families may have to take a different road. The students may chose to enter the job market, community college or military service. Even though these decisions are optional, it is based on the premise there will be quality schools and teachers to give the best education possible without waiting who wins the battle. It's about time the students are involved in this debate and what is best for them and their families.

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