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Students drink cheaply at Margaret's Fine Imports

Oh, we hope you didn't think we meant alcohol.

Margaret's Fine Imports (5872 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh) is offering a 20% discount right now to all students with a valid ID. If you currently are or know any students who have been thinking about trying new teas, get to Squirrel Hill before the end of the month!

Check out the details in the link above. Margaret's is offering this discount online, but you'll have to provide your information, at which point you'll get a code back that you can use. Unfortunately, shaving your beard and talking about "Professor Murphy" a bunch will not be enough to prove your school status, so the rest of us will just have to pay full price for quality tea and coffee accessories.

This discount is only valid through April 30, so get cracking! If you're trying to stock up while you have such a hot deal, go for some brewing or storage equipment, or for tea with a longer shelf life, like rooibos or another herbal. Margaret's also has a host of non-tea items, like jams and jellies and chocolates -- even cosmetics -- but 20% off loose leaf tea is a deal you can't afford to pass up.

You can read several reviews of Margaret's teas right here, from your Pittsburgh Tea Examiner.

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