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Students claim college professor taught wrong class all semester

Students at the Lone Star College in Texas claim that their professor taught the wrong class -- all semester long. According to a video report by Buzz60, the students believed that they were taking Intro to Chemistry but were instead taught an advanced chem class.

The whole class really struggled and none could keep up with the assignments -- or the exams. One student in the class claims that the professor actually admitted to not teaching Intro to Chemistry but said she was teaching General Chemistry which is actually far more difficult especially without any basic chemistry knowledge.

Lone Star College says that the teacher did in fact follow the syllabus and that an investigation will not be conducted. The head of the science department at the school said that the "mistake" was "unintentional." Even still, nothing is being done about this and the students will just have to deal with it.

Check out the video above for more.

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