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Student suspended after shaving her head to support friend battling cancer

Kamryn Renfo suspended from school after shaving her head
Kamryn Renfo suspended from school after shaving her head
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A Colorado community is disturbed at the actions taken by a school after a female student shaved her head, Fox Carolina reported March 25.

The story has now gone viral on social media after Kamryn Renfro, a student at Caprock Academy, was suspended after shaving her head to support a friend.

Delany Clements lost her hair while battling cancer, and Kamryn shaved her own head in support of her friend.

The charter school, which is a tuition-free public school in Grand Junction, first banned Kamryn from attending classes, then reversed their decision pending a meeting Tuesday evening. The meeting will take place at the school at 6 p.m. in a closed session.

Caprock Academy believes a non-distracting environment is best for the learning experience, but did state that exceptions could be made under extraordinary circumstances.

According to the school board's chairwoman, it goes against the school dress code, which encourages everyone to look the same. Since Caprock is a state-affiliated charter school, it's not governed by the District 51 school board.

Kamryn was originally told she couldn't return to school until her hair grew back.

One person who read of this tragic situation has suggested that all of the students unite and shave their heads, as it's unlikely the entire school body would face suspension.

Caprock Board of Directors Chairwoman and President Catherine M. Norton Breman stated in a press release Monday that

"shaved heads are not permitted by the school’s dress code policy, which was created to promote safety, uniformity, and a non-distracting environment for the school’s students."

Caprock Academy has set a bad example here by punishing a girl who was only showing support for her cancer-stricken friend.

It's also disrespectful of Delany Clements, who although she lost her hair through chemotherapy, would also likely be judged as going against the school's dress code.

This story brings to mind the Examiner story I did about a North Andover High student who was suspended for driving an intoxicated friend home.

No matter what good deed a student may do, there's always someone out there ready to belittle them. How do you feel about this situation?

Will the action taken by the Grand Junction school board affect Kamryn in the years ahead? Most likely it will, as she's at an impressionable age to have to deal with what happened.

Please leave a comment below. Personally, I commend Kamryn for the method she used to support her friend. She did nothing wrong, and the school district should apologize to her immediately.

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