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Student Room Decor In Lawrence. Places You'll Want To Go!

Student housing can be pretty basic.  Liven it up with a rug, a bedspread and posters to start!
Student housing can be pretty basic. Liven it up with a rug, a bedspread and posters to start!

Student rooms, dorm rooms, boarding houses, apartment rooms, community housing, residence halls… whatever you call them, it’s time again!  If you’re coming to Kansas University in Lawrence, you’re probably going to end up in some kind of public housing.  Not counting the newer apartment complexes which don’t allow for much personalization, you can have some fun making your home-away-from-home more home-like and save some money too.

The first thing to remember is to NOT bring much from home. Your new space is often barely bigger than (and often as charm-free as) one at Alcatraz or San Quentin and will only hold a little more than you can put in a suitcase or two. You can always bring more stuff later. (Please, no political/social comments on my analogies. After seeing the inside of many, many student rental units, it’s just my opinion based on lots of experience. Of course there are exceptions and I hope you get one of those rooms.) Security can be an issue so leave the valuables at home or be sure they’re covered under an insurance policy.

On South Iowa Street, you’ll find plenty of bargains to jazz up your new space without dragging a trailer full of stuff from out of town OR having to fight the school supply crowds at Wal-Mart or Target which I would do at all costs. Just south of campus, on Iowa Street between 23rd and 31st Streets, you can get big discounts on linens and kitchen accessories at Tuesday Morning. Michael’s and Hobby Lobby will have all the wall décor you can stand, usually with a coupon or two online. (This week Hobby Lobby has baskets, ceramics and poster frames at 50% off). Payless Furniture will have mattresses and economical furniture in their parking lot. Floor Trader has nice 5’x’8 rugs with finished edges for $39 or 8’x10’ size for only $99 (they’re much thicker and nicer than those thin ones at the grocery store or discount centers.) World Market has cool accessories like Safari paper lanterns on sale. Last, but not least, the Goodwill Store and Salvation Army Thrift Store are not far from the neighborhood.

Moving is hectic enough so leave as much as you can at home. You’ll enjoy it there when you visit! Welcome to Lawrence and get ready to “Rock Chalk Jayhawk!” We look forward to seeing you soon!

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