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Student pays last tuition bill in pennies

An Oklahoma student paid his last tuition bill... in pennies. Making that final payment is certainly a great feeling that tons of students can relate to. But making that payment in pennies? Well that's just ironic -- and sort of awesome. According to a video report by Eye Opener TV, 24-year-old Andrew Magbee collected 97,400 pennies to bring with him to make his final tuition payment.

Magbee said that he wasn't trying to be ironic or a jerk -- he wanted to prove that pennies really do add up. While you might look at the penny as something left in a tip jar, they are worth something (one cent) and they can make a statement.

Magbee earned all of his pennies by recycling cans, mowing lawns, and painting houses. His total payment weighed 500 pounds -- which is likely similar to the weight lifted off of his shoulders after kissing tuition payments goodbye! More on this story in the video above.

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