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Student impaled by Golf club critical: Spine, artery nicked as club hits neck

Student impaled by golf club while at a cook-out, in critical condition.
Student impaled by golf club while at a cook-out, in critical condition.
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A freak accident left an 18-year-old college freshman in critical condition after she was impaled by a golf club as the result of a seemingly harmless game. Natalie Eaton was impaled by the golf club through her neck while at a fraternity cook-out, according to the New York Daily News on Aug. 22.

The golf club broke in two when one of the other students at the cook-out was using it as a bat, swinging and hitting a football. When it made contact with the ball the lower part of the club flew about 30-feet piercing Eaton’s neck. Another student was also hit by another airborne piece of the golf club, but that student was not seriously injured, reports Yahoo News.

The Arkansas State University freshman was rushed to a local hospital, but her injury was so severe, she was airlifted to a trauma center in Memphis, Tennessee. Eaton, who is an Arkansas native, was still in critical condition as of Thursday, reports Angie Golding, a Regional Medical Center of Memphis spokesperson.

The State website reports today in an update that a sharp fragment of the club struck part of her spine and nicked an artery. They also report that as of Friday, Eaton is still listed in critical condition.

This is Eaton’s first year at college and the cook-out was at the end of the summer vacation with students getting ready to start the fall semester soon. What sounded like a harmless game of alternative baseball turned into a medical emergency in the blink of an eye.

About 135 miles east of Little Rock is the campus of the Arkansas State University at Jonesboro, where the accident occurred. While the hospital reported that Eaton was still in critical condition, they didn’t offer any predictions for her prognosis today.

Police weren’t expected to file any charges in this freak accident. Rick Stripling, the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs at Arkansas State University said that foul play was not suspected in this accident.

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