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Student gets stuck in giant vagina statue: 22 firefighters 'Making Love' rescue

Student gets stuck in giant vagina statue, firefighters rescue
Twitter (Jerry Lang), Imgur Photo File

A student gets stuck in a giant vagina statue is one weird news story making people scratch their heads — and others simply laugh — this afternoon. While in Germany, a U.S. exchange student found himself trapped in a rather tight spot after getting quite literally wedged within the “Making Love” statue of Tubingen University. The New York Daily News reveals this Monday, June 23, 2014, that 22 firefighters were called to help rescue him from the red marble uniquely shaped into a woman’s genitalia.

In a special visit to Tubingen University for virology and microbiology, a young man and U.S. exchange student got a little too close to Chacan-Pi (meaning “Making Love.”) Carved into the shape of a giant vagina, the “victim” apparently tried going inside the statue, and instead found himself wedged between the stone folds on Friday morning.

A total of 22 firefighters were said to be called to the scene to help get the exchange student — who has remained unidentified — out of this precarious position. After an hour of maneuvering, the young man was successfully removed from the massive vagina sculpture situated just outside the prestigious educational institute.

For those unaware of the strange statue highlighted in this weird news headline, the Chacan-Pi — which is coined in English as Making Love — is a red sculpture designed and created by Fernando de la Jara, a renowned artist from Peru. The giant marble vagina weighs over 32 tons, and it was erected outside of Tubingen University 13 years ago, back in 2001.

UPI News adds that in the eyes of the creator — although perhaps not so much in the view of the student who got stuck in the statue — the modern sculpture was developed to stand as a symbol of “the gateway to the world.”

It has been confirmed that the 22 firefighters did not cause any harm to the original vagina statue nor the U.S. exchange student during the highly unusual rescue. Since then, the online photo of the young man getting trapped within the suggestive stone has gone viral on the Web. It was uploaded to Imgur and has since sparked hundreds of witty comments, though the fire department didn’t find the situation very funny.

"I was there!!! He just wanted to take a funny picture." witness Erick Guzman posted to Imgur. "The fire department was not really amused, and he was really embarrassed."

As one viewer posted on Twitter this weekend, this is one pair of female private parts that men should steer clear of. Of course, the uploader did note that "he'd been there ... done that." What is your reaction to the certainly strange scene?

“Dude trapped in giant vagina statue in Germany. Been there done that. #22firefighterstofreehim”

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