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Student finger gun: 3-days school suspension for boy who used finger like gun

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A central Ohio student using his finger like a gun, has been suspended for three days. The 10-year-old boy put his finger up to his school mates head, like it was a gun, and a teacher happened to witness this.

According to ABC News On March 4, the school principal cites zero-tolerance when it comes to gun play, even if it is just a finger being pointed like a gun. The Devonshire Alternative Elementary School principal said that the kids have gotten plenty of warning about this with three newsletters sent home. The letters stated zero-tolerance when it comes to imitating having a gun.

The father of the student claims that his son was just playing and states that his son has never been in trouble before. He also said in his son’s defense that no one felt threatened, it was just kid’s having fun.

Some see this 5th grade suspension as extreme, while others feel it is good to nip it in the bud at an early age. The boy said in his own defense that “People play around like this a lot at my school.”