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Student expelled marriage: Oklahoma student expelled for marrying a woman

In shocking news, an Oklahoma college student was actually expelled when they found out that she had married a woman. On Monday, News OK shared about what happened and how upset people are over it. She was attending a Christian college in Oklahoma. Everyone has been surprised to hear about what happened.

Christian Minard, 22, went to Southwestern Christian University and got a letter that was notifying her of the expulsion. She went to Las Vegas for her honeymoon and everything was fine. When she returned home, she got this letter in the mail. On March 17, she tied the knot in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She was so proud that she posted her marriage license on Facebook. She did not contact the college to let them know about the wedding.

She shared that she was dating this woman for three and half years before they got married. Christian was never shy about it and has always shared photos of them together. Nobody from the university is on her friends list but she has no idea how else they could have found out about her marriage.

ABC News shared a bit more information about it. This college does have a code of ethics that students are required to sign. It has prohibitions on smoking, drinking, cheating, premarital sex, discrimination, same sex relationships, harassment and profanity. The school really won't speak out about this matter though. They said they need permission from the individual involved to talk about it and they don't have that at this time. They do want to address it if she gives them a chance.

Christian Minard said that she will be moving on to another school in Oklahoma. It doesn't sound like she has any plans to try to go back to Southwestern Christian University. She is working on a degree in sports management.

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