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Student-Based Technology-Enhanced Innovative Model


To all of my readers over the past few years, I wanted to thank you for your support and loyalty. I've been asked from both readers of this column and from my web site ( to make available a conceptual overview of the FPeLearning System for Education. The following link will provide the reader with an overview of the architecture and potentially a conceptual framework to develop your own technology-enhanced model for classroom integration. Most educational assessment benchmarks use performance outcomes to track the effectiveness of current practices in educational exchange. However, force-feeding students until they "get it" is not a way to promote critical think within education, in my opinion. Education must provide a landscape in which the student becomes the creator of his or her own learning. To this end, I developed the following presentation to hopefully stimulate student-based creative technology-enhanced curriculum that has shown promise in both a pilot study and through case studies over the past two years. I sincerely hope that this presentation may aid you in understanding the conceptual framework of my system but also challenge you to develop strategies that promote technology in the process.

Respectfully Submitted

Dr. Dale H. Eberwein Ed.D/ET

FPeLearning System for Education Overview: Overview/presentation.html

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