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Chicago Public Schools' reshuffling of 30,000 public school students
Chicago Public Schools' reshuffling of 30,000 public school students

Amidst the controversial Chicago Public School closings which initiated public uproar at the end of the school year “2013”; reports have emerged exposing the practice of creating data for the purpose of changed scores and increased student enrollment. According to the inspector general of Chicago Public Schools; the school system is based on incentives, performance is evaluated based on created data; which makes it possible for manipulation at school levels.

According to a Chicago Tribune article; reports have reveal, a principal and programmer created “ghost students” indicating, the school eligible to appoint an assistant principal and non-teaching staff. Another incident claims an elementary school principal changed grades that allowed students to graduate. The inspector general report also states; for the past two years there has been, discoveries of falsified free and reduced lunch applications. Additional findings allege that, principals presenting documentation on behalf of their children for program eligibility were completed and, submitted by providing false information.

Pressures of performance guidelines, educators adhere to, serves as a possible explanation for the rate of occurrences. Procedures set in place to prevent such incidents involve the process of auditing. Chicago Public School Board holds full authority regarding disciplinary actions. According to the inspector general; environmental practices such as these, have been on going. Many cases have resulted with, officials resigning and agreeing; no future attempt would be given to, acquiring employment with Chicago Public Schools. Within a year, the inspector general’s office has been informed of 1,460 cases, only 22 have been pursued.