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Student arrested for defending herself after teacher assaulted student

On Tuesday, Deairea Bradley, 14, at Confluence Academy in Walnut Park was arrested for assaulting a substitute teacher after he initiated an assault against her. In an odd turn of events the teacher was placed on administrative leave but not arrested. The child who appeared to be defending herself from repeated assaults by the teacher was arrested.

Apparently, it all started when Bradley ignored the teacher as she exited the classroom and walked towards her locker. As a result of her disobedience, the teacher followed the student down the hallway and shoved her by slamming her against against a wall and then proceeded to grab her by the braids resulting in a knotted injury to the back of her head. Reportedly, the end of the day bell was nearing as she decided to go to her locker. In turn, Bradley attempted to defend herself by pushing the teacher back. This resulted in a one-week suspension for the incident.

“I want this teacher brought up on assault charges. Because at the end of the day she should have listened, and not gone to her locker. But that does not give you a reason to assault a child."

-- Deairea Bradley’s mother

At this time, the Saint Louis Police are investigating the incident and the school is conducting its own internal investigation. There have been no reports to the identity of the teacher or whether he had been arrested as well.

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