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Studded flats add zing to any wardrobe

Forever 21 Studded Flats
Forever 21 Studded Flats

Studded articles are everywhere.  From bags to shirts, to skirts, to dresses.  Well, if you would like to add a little stud, (no pun intended) to your life, (okay, pun intended), hop on over to Forever 21.  They have some cute little round toe studded flats that will jazz up any outfit.  Steve Madden has some too, but not at Forever 21's price.  These cute little flats are $14.80 a pair, and come in both Navy and Black, at that price, you can afford both.  So put a little zing in your step and step on into a pair of studded flats.   Don't feel like driving? Check their website at  Great deals and steals there. 

Just a side note, I am in no way affiliated with Forever 21, just a bargain shopper.