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Stuck in your Head 41

Every morning, here in L.A., I slip out of my Batman jammy bottoms and step into the shower to prepare for yet another new day. Every morning the same song is stuck in my head. No matter what I do—short of singing the entire theme song--opening and closing credits--to "The Flintstones" —the song REMAINS the same—stuck in my head. In my case the song is Led Zeppelin’s “Dancing Days”. I like the group but this is not my favorite Led Zep song!
Luckily, through chats with friends both old and new both here in California and in a favorite Facebook group--You grew up in the Souderton/ Telford/ Harleysville area if you remember... I found out I'm not alone in this experience. This happens to lots of people. This series is dedicated to all the songs that somehow get “stuck in your head”. Here are the most recent “evil earworms”:

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Courtesy of TOO
What songs are stuck in YOUR head?
Courtesy of Lisa Meyer Price

Our first evil earworm this edition comes from a Facebook friend who has the original “Dating Game” Theme stuck in his head thanks to a Facebook thread incited by singer-songwriter Susan DeVita. This is essentially the instrumental theme for a literal “dating game” that in many ways embodied the 1960s. From 1966 on the main theme was reportedly provided by The Mariachi Brass, featuring trumpeter Chet Baker.

Ken Hefner said that the instrumental “UFO (Main Title)” was stuck in his head. He added: “I think instrumentals are harder to ‘get rid of’." It’s by Barry Gray and can be found on The Fantasy Film Worlds Of Gerry Anderson. Date regarding TV music is always tricky between when the song was written and when it was recorded and when it was used but multiple sources all place it sometime between 1969 and 1971. Here’s a video.

Former Perkasie, PA resident, “JC”, has Gerry Rafferty’s “Baker Street” crammed in her cranium thanks to a discussion of the album that took the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack off its 6 month-long throne back in 1978. It’s from the platter City To City.

Sharon Fiume Sholette confessed: “ I don't even know If ‘Stacy's Mom Has Got It Going On’ is a real song, but if I hear it one more time I'm gonna shoot her! All I know is it’s in that stinking Mercedes commercial, and drives me crazy!” (Don’t shoot her, Sharon, please but if you must get violent how about challenging her to a wrestling match in a giant bowl of pudding?)
Seriously though, the song is called “Stacy’s Mom”. It’s by Fountains of Wayne. It’s off their 2003 LP Welcome Interstate Managers. It garnered a Grammy for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal.

An unnamed California resident had “Reproduction” from Grease 2 stuck in her head. (Would you want anyone to know you had a song from the sequel in your head?) This one is from 1982 and is credited to Tab Hunter and Cast of Grease 2. (Where does the pollen go, anyway?)

There you have it, faithful readers, the most recent oft’times obnoxious “earworms” from different decades, genres and mediums. As this goes to press, this series is going on hiatus as we have reached the end of your submissions. As always, if additional earworms are submitted “Stuck In Your Head!” will return.

My name is Phoenix and . . . that's the bottom line.

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