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Stuck in your Head 40

Every morning, here in L.A., I slip out of my Justice League jammy bottoms and step into the shower to prepare for yet another new day. Every morning the same song is stuck in my head. No matter what I do—short of singing the entire theme song--opening and closing credits--to The Flintstones —the song REMAINS the same—stuck in my head. In my case the song is Led Zeppelin’s “Dancing Days”. I like the group but this is not my “fave” Led Zeppelin song!

What song is stuck in your head?
What song is stuck in your head?
All Images Courtesy of TOO unless otherwise indicated
What songs are stuck in YOUR head?
Courtesy of TOO

Luckily, through chats with friends both old and new both here in California and in a favorite Facebook group--You grew up in the Souderton/ Telford/ Harleysville area if you remember... I found out I'm not alone in this experience. This happens to lots of people. This series is dedicated to all the songs that somehow get “stuck in your head”. Here are the most recent “evil earworms”:

Our first evil earworm this edition comes from Dorine Houston. Houston had the song “On the Way To Cape May” stuck in her head not too long ago. This tune which harkens back to 1960 has become a Jersey Shore sound summertime anthem for the Philadelphia/Delaware Valley and was written by Maurice “Buddy” Nugent and was covered by several different artists.

Stacy Richards recently had Bon Jovi’s “Living On A Prayer” stuck in her head thanks to Josh Shrift posting part of the lyrics on a Facebook thread. It was written by Bon Jovi and is off his 1986 Slippery When Wet album. (Slippery When Wet and a lovely lady? Oh, we'd best behave for now . . .)

Another “local” had John Tabacco’s “Speak Without A Voice (And A Motive Too)” stuck in his head . . . and blamed it on your rascally writer for playing it so much in his car. (Really? ReallY?) The song is off of his disc Life Here...It's Anybody's Guess from 1997. There’s a new re-mix of the track, in fact.

Ken Hefner said: “While you're working, hum a few bars of the 'Keebler Elf song' and get it stuck in your head like it is in mine. Now where do you think that those Keebler cookies come from? ‘They're baked in magic ovens and there's no factory.’ Happy trails!”
Apparently there are recordings that go back as far as 1960 and are as current as 2008. Who knew? Well, if the one included here doesn’t get stuck in your head you can always Google if you are masochistically-inclined. You’ll find the whole story on the link included here.

Andy Wilcox contributed our closing earworm this edition. He recently reported that the "Budweiser Theme" was “now stuck in (his) brain” and asked: “Is there a cure?” Perhaps the only cure would be to consume massive quantities of the previously mentioned beer until you reach unconsciousness? Just a thought . . .

There you have it, faithful readers, the most recent oft’times obnoxious “earworms” from different decades, genres and mediums. As this goes to press, there will be yet one more full edition of the series before it goes on hiatus as we have again reached the end of your submissions. Naturally, if additional earworms are submitted “Stuck In Your Head!” will continue.

My name is Phoenix and . . . that's the bottom line.

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