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Stuck SeaWorld ride: Skytower strands 48 people for hours after power outage

There were 48 people stuck on a SeaWorld ride for hours on Sunday in the midst of a power outage. The Skytower ride at the San Diego park held 46 park guests and two employees high above ground for quite some time until engineers could remedy the problem. CNN shared the details on Monday.

48 people were stuck on a SeaWorld ride Sunday
Screencap via Fox5 video

A park spokesman said that the people stuck on the SeaWorld ride were never in danger, and officials from the park were in regular communication with them throughout the ordeal. It seems the employees stuck with the guests were able to provide snacks and water during the time that everybody was trapped. While everything worked out in the end, most would say it had to have been a stressful four hours as it was happening.

Reuters adds that the ride was stuck 220 feet in the air for about four hours on Sunday. After the stuck SeaWorld ride incident one teen was taken to the hospital, as he was suffering from hyperventilation and anxiety. At this point the power outage incident is under investigation. Park spokesman David Koontz indicated that the guests involved have received a return park admission and some other park amenities.

The park indicates that everything was under control throughout the incident. However, NBC San Diego indicates that the guests didn't necessarily feel quite so confident. One rider told the network that they felt very much in the dark throughout the ordeal of being stuck in the SeaWorld ride. He said, “We didn't know if and when we were getting down or if we should be worried for our safety, given that this thing could or could not snap.”

Luckily everybody ultimately was fine after the incident. It is understandable, however that it had to be an unsettling experience for those four hours at the very least. While the Skytower ride is known for providing some amazing views of the area, those 48 people stuck on the SeaWorld ride Sunday may have a different opinion of the ride after their experience.

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