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Stuck SeaWorld ride: 48 people stuck with 'terrifying' 4-hour bird's eye view

Getting stuck on the SeaWorld Skytower ride was “terrifying,” that’s how one dad described being stranded hundreds of feet off the ground with a total of 48 people. The ride was designed to give you a panoramic view of the area from high above the ground, but a four hour view was not what this dad and his two young kids had in mind.

SeWorld Skytower stuck 220 feet off the ground with 48 people inside sunday. They were stuck for 4 hours, with passenger calling the ordeal "terrifying."
YouTube screen shot/ NBC Local

This dad saw as much as San Diego’s skyline as he cared too when the power went out in the elevator-like ride while the dozens of people were stuck 220 feet in the air, according to NBC Philadelphia on June 30. The ride was a horrifying experience for some with one person needing treatment for anxiety when they were back on the ground.

The father didn’t want to have his name made public, but he was with his two young kids when the power cut out. He complained that the information they received from the staff at the park was “intermittent at best,” and they had no idea what was going on or how long they were expected to remain stuck on this ride.

He said they didn’t know if they should worry for their safety, “given that this thing could snap.” It sounds as if he had visions of some horrific scenarios going through his mind, which is probably what the majority of the folks on this ride were experiencing. Out of the 48 people stuck on the ride, 46 were park customers and two were park employees.

While the park released a statement when the passengers were back down on the ground four hours later, one teenage boy was taken to the hospital suffering from anxiety. There must have been plenty of anxiety between the 48 people who had no choice but to get somewhat acquainted while stuck together with nowhere to go.

According to CNN News, SeaWorld said that the park employees were in “constant” communication with the stranded passengers. It sounds as if SeaWorld did its best to put a spin on the ordeal, which was not a walk in the park for the folks who got on the ride at 3:30 in the afternoon and didn’t get off the ride until 7:30 in the evening.

The power went out on the iconic Skytower and technicians painstakingly worked at trying to get it restored so they could lower the elevator down to the ground and let the people out. The technicians finally got the elevator fixed in the Skytower, but the fire department was put on stand-by just in case they couldn’t get it back up and running in a timely fashion.

San Diego Fire Department spokesperson Lee Swanson said that the firefighters go through a training once a year on how to rescue people out of the Skytower if it should get stuck. They have never had to use those skills as of yet, but Sunday’s episode was looking like a possibility until the power finally went back on. SeaWorld said the cause of the power failure is still under investigation today.

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