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Stuck in elevator: Bobsledders tweet about getting stuck in Sochi elevator

Johnny Quinn got stuck in an elevator just days after he got stuck in the bathroom of his hotel room in Sochi. The athlete was with fellow bobsledder Nick Cunningham when the elevator they were riding in stopped working. On Feb. 10, ABC News reported that both guys tweeted about their experience.

Nick Cunningham & Johnny Quinn get stuck in a Sochi elevator
Nick Cunningham Twitter

"Of course I'm with @JohnnyQuinnUSA when the elevator door breaks and we get stuck! Good thing I'm with him! (sic)," tweeted Cunningham along with the photo above. "No one is going to believe this but we just got stuck in an elevator," Quinn tweeted, fresh off of his "bathroom bust."

Getting stuck in an elevator is very scary, especially when you're in a foreign country -- but Team USA made it out alive and seem to be having fun with all of the "#SochiProblems" that they have been experiencing.

As previously reported, Johnny Quinn got stuck after taking a shower in his hotel. He had to bust through the door to escape because he didn't have a phone with him at the time. He wasn't injured but he certainly became a hero of a different sort and people have been talking about his mishap all weekend. And since he's gotten stuck twice in Sochi, he's now quite the pro!

Though not stuck in an elevator this weekend, British bobsledder Rebekah Wilson also tweeted about her experience -- nearly walking into and falling down an empty elevator shaft. Yikes.

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