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"Stuck A Needle In His Arm"

"Stuck A Needle In HIs Arm "
"Stuck A Needle In HIs Arm "

Academy Award Winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman has joined a list of aspiring accomplished actors, musicians who have died from Heroin. The actor was found dead on his bathroom floor with a needle in his arm. Another wasted ending to such a beautiful life. Hoffman has brought us so many hours of wonderful film time that it is hard to list them all. Winning the Academy Award for 'Capote', another tormented figure in history, was not enough to make this man realize the depth at which Heroin would go to take his soul.

Many have gone before him like Chris Farley, Janis Joplin, John Belushi, River Phoenix, Robert Pastorelli, and Sid Vicious. That search for the ultimate high is so overbearing that you throw your life away on a bathroom floor. Such a great place to die don't you think.

If you think I'm being unkind then screw you, I'm pissed. Hoffman was only 46 and his life is now over. He's not coming back and all we have are the hours of film, with such credits as 'Capote', 'The Hunger Game' films, 'The Master', 'Moneyball', 'Charlie Wilson's War', 'Red Dragon', 'The Big Lebowski', 'Patch Adams', 'Twister', 'Nobody's Fool', 'Scent of Woman', 'Boogie Nights', and 'Leap Of Faith' .

He was a talented tormented man and I'm really upset that he would die like this. It is such a waste of life. I want to feel sad for him but I can't. The man was on his game. He worked so hard to get where he was and to end it like this is just a tragedy.

Hoffman studied his craft at a very young age in the suburbs of Rochester, New York where he grew up. He climbed that ladder and fell off. He fell off way to early. He had so much more to give us and now it is gone. If anything don't be saddened by his death because with Heroin the possibility of death is something you live with every day. He could have died much earlier. Think of all the good he did for us. Think with kindness that he was a lost soul and I hope that God can have mercy on him. I hope and pray that he is somewhere entertaining the people before him and that when the time comes I get to see him act again. R.I.P.