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Stryke app review

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Although iPhone is one great piece of device, what it really lacks stands in more apps that allow you to have fun with your friends? Stryke is one app which aims to solve this problem by giving you the ability to create short and fun gif-style videos from just about any movies that you have on your device. The app doesn't ask for plenty of device memory and is also free to download, so let's see why one would download the app and why not.


Intuitive interface. Once you finish installing the app you'll be presented with a basic screen which shows how many "strykes" you did and how many were sent against you. From here you can also see how many of your friends are using Stryke and invite new ones as you please. Touch the upper-left play icon and all trolls that you've sent or received will be immediately shown. Alternatively, the upper-right icon enables you to create a new prank video in an instance.

Troll your friends with ease. It's extremely simple to create a troll using the Stryke! app. The entire process resumes to only 3 big steps. In the first step you select the video that you want to use, then pick a certain portion of it to use for the gif-style troll. The second step enables you to add text and music to your creation. Text is embedded straight on the video and you can also pick up music from your device or switch it off altogether. Finally, during the last step you have to select which of your friends you want to "stryke" and whether you want to share the video across social networks or not.

Chat from inside the app. Stryke comes with an option which allows you to chat instantly with any of your friends who are using the app. In this way you can communicate your feelings with ease, without the need to send a text message through your carrier.

Additionally, you can easily insert one of your troll videos in the chat room and make use of a large collection of stickers, all to better express your feelings and make fun of your friends.

Sample trolls on your profile screen. Don't have any idea for a troll or don't know how to create one? Worry not, for though Stryke provides you with some sample trolls by default, which you can use to get a better idea of the application and its use. New trolls sent by your friends will also be downloaded over the air (when available) and added to this screen.


User database could be larger. Given that Stryke has been recently released to the market, chances that many of your friends are using the app are quite low. This is not a big impediment though, as you can always share your creations via social networks or email. In addition, you can invite new friends to join you via Facebook, email or contact request.


All in all Stryke is a very fun app to use, one that should allow you to get rid of daily stress and make fun of your friends. And even though not many iPhone users are currently using it, its popularity is expected to grow as people look for new ways to prank their buddies!