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Struggling with the best intentions

Where is the line that you as a parent won't cross in regards to your child's behavior or appearance? Are you driven by what is socially acceptable at any cost? There are two news items that may make you pause and reflect when enough is enough:

  • A school in Canton Massachusetts is in the spotlight. News reports have revealed that for 40 years, this school has been using electric shock therapy on its students who have autism and special needs. The facility has made statements that the aversion therapy is beneficial to curbing their destructive behavior . The United Nations is involved, publicly siting America's international treaty stance on torture. Parents are on both sides of the issue, either condemning the practice or agreeing that they see a difference in their child. News stories like these make you question what lengths would you go to keep your child safe to him/herself and others?
  • In Florida, in an effort to keep her daughter's weight in check, a mother admitted to the emergency room nurses that she had fed her daughter tapeworm eggs. This tactic was used to gain an edge for a beauty pageant. This story raises the question what price is too high to pay on helping your child achieve their goals? Use any means necessary in order to look good?

Each story has a common theme of trying to fill into a designated mold. As a parent, you must be able to recognize the times when your child may not fit into the "norm" and not be driven to bend any which way possible to compact them into the imaginary box.

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