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Struck by a car and in a coma for days: Meet a miracle puppy named Tyke

Tyke the miracle puppy
Tyke the miracle puppy
Southlane Veterinary Hospital

Approximately three weeks ago, a comatose puppy arrived to the Southlane Veterinary Hospital in Valparaiso, Ind., with severe head trauma, blood loss and in profound shock. The pup, dubbed "Tyke," had been discovered alongside a road and he was picked up by a good Samaritan who transported him to the veterinarian who would prove to be Tyke's miracle worker.

Tyke the miracle pup
Southlane Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Rachael Jones, with the help of veterinary technician, Nadine, managed to bring Tyke back from the very brink of death.

Tyke had been struck by a car - his tiny body suffered great trauma and when he first came to the veterinary hospital, the prognosis was not good. In fact, when this amazing story was first presented to the National Dog News Examiner for a potential article, Dr. Jones was hesitant to have it published...fearing that Tyke's baby steps of progress might be "jinxed" if the good news was shared prematurely.

Dr. Jones was comfortable enough to allow Tyke's incredible recuperation to be shared with the public this week. In an email, Dr. Jones shared the following words about the tiny pup with the huge will to survive:

He is certainly a miracle dog and has captured the hearts of many! Today is day 14 since he presented in deep shock with trauma and blood loss.

Yesterday Aug.5th, after much nursing care, and 24/7 monitoring (traveling to and fro from our veterinary hospital), and his first acupuncture treatment on Aug 4th, he took his very first unassisted steps.

For a tiny puppy who was basically in a coma for 3 days, he is definitely a miracle dog.

Tyke is beating the odds - thanks to a good Samaritan who stopped when she saw him alongside the road, his spunky will to survive, and the amazing efforts of his dedicated veterinary staff.

Follow Tyke's progress at this link to the Southlane Veterinary Hospital on Facebook.

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