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Strongest Tornadoes in South Carolina History

The weather is a little boring right now, but it is beautiful!  We could use some rain to wash away the pollen again though.  There is a tiny chance of rain Saturday, but other than that the next week looks dry.  One good thing about the dry weather is that we are progressing through severe weather season with little in the way of severe weather, but every time it rains it seems we are seeing severe storms lately.

Here are some stats about South Carolina tornadoes.  We have never had an F5 tornado recorded in SC, but we have had several F4 tornadoes.  Here is a list of F4 tornadoes:

April 8, 1957 - F4 tornadoes in Chesterfield, Lancaster, and Marlboro counties

March 31, 1973 - F4 tornadoes in Abbeville and Greenwood counties

December 13, 1973 - F4 tornado in Greenwood county

March 28, 1984 - "Carolinas outbreak" produces several F4s in Chesterfield, Fairfield, Jasper, Lancaster, and Marlboro (2) counties

May 5, 1989 - F4 tornadoes in Cherokee and Spartanburg counties

November 7, 1995 - F4 tornado in Marion County

If you remember any of these, please leave a comment with details.  I would love to hear your stories.  I remember the May 5, 1989 F4 in Spartanburg County (Chesnee).  The damage was incredible!  It is what got me hooked on weather.  I remember the roar and hail as it passed over our house and we hid in the basement.  Hopefully we won't have any F4s this year!


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