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Stroke signs symptoms and treatment

What is a stroke?

The medical term for stroke is cerebrovascular accident. A stroke is when the blood flow to the brain has a sudden blockage as in a blood clot or a blood vessel in the brain suddenly ruptures called a cerebral hemorrhage.

Both these things can happen suddenly such as hitting your head or over-time by having blood thickening in your arteries and eventually causing a blockage.

Stroke Statistics see: CDC

Who is at risk of having a stroke?

Any and everyone is at risk of having a stroke, man, woman and child. Strokes are not prejudice they can hit black, white, old, young, male or female.

Stroke symptoms:

Severe headache brought on suddenly with no apparent reason.

Suddenly unable to see clearly, double vision, or inability to speak clearly.

Inability to write, face numbness or weakness and more.

Treatment after a stroke:

Rehabilitation which usually combines speech therapy and physical therapy depending on how badly damaged the person was affected by the stroke.

If you think you or someone you know is having a stroke seek medical help immediately. Having a stroke is a medical emergency and if not treated quickly the person could die.

For Stroke Fact Sheet visit: CDC

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