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Striving for self sufficiency in your relationship


  • Trish 6 years ago

    Hi Ann! I always enjoy reading your articles woman! This one is really really important, however. I don't know how many of my friends have gone through this at some point or another. And I say "friends" because personally, I've never actually had this problem in relationships. I've had to deal with the guys having these problems though! I wish so many more people out there would read this article when entering into new relationships. My best friend always told me "How can you be comfortable with someone else if you aren't comfortable with yourself first." She told me this when we were in 8-9 grade. And as always it happened when we were discussing mutual friends of ours. It seems that I've always been giving advice to my friends about their relationships.... and the one thing I always tell them first and foremost is that you have to love and respect yourself FIRST! Only when you are comfortable being alone will you ever truly begin to love another. Love you! Trish

  • valerie benson 6 years ago

    We all need companionship in this life. We need the feedback and alot of times we are seeing a part of ourselves reflected back in our friends and realtionships. what is life without an " esprit du corps"? its important to have an adventure with others and it increases our appreciation of life in its totality.

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