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Stripper mom didn't help look for missing daughter

Bobbey Jo Boucher
Pasco County Sheriff; Fair use

Cops say a young mom went to work instead of assisting the search for her missing 10-year-old daughter in this Thursday news report. Bobbey Jo Boucher of Pasco County, Florida has been charged with obstructing justice after police say that she hung up on officers that were trying to help find her daughter. However, her alleged reason for disconnecting the phone call is what's notable in this story.

Boucher reportedly dropped her daughter off at a barbecue on Wednesday evening while on her way to work at the strip club Calendar Girls -- which is located in Hudson. When the girl didn't return home after dinner her grandmother became concerned and called police, which is what any concerned adult would do in this case. When police called Boucher, who was at work, she apparently didn't have time to deal with her missing daughter. She reportedly said "I have to get on stage," before hanging up on the cop.

Now that she's in trouble she claims that she didn't at all hang up on the police officer. Instead, she says, she accidentally disconnected while trying to answer another call -- which is a likely story, even if it doesn't explain what she allegedly told the cop before disconnecting. It's fortunate that the 10-year-old girl was found without any really incident, but things could have ended badly in this case. Bobbey Boucher's alleged dismissive attitude about her missing child is also very troubling. Hopefully there are no repeats of this incident in the future, for the sake of the little girl's long-term safety.

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