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Stripped! How To Bare Your Authentic Beauty.

strip yourself bare; reveal your authentic beauty with these helpful tips
strip yourself bare; reveal your authentic beauty with these helpful tips
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Most often beauty resides within the “eye of the beholder”. Unfortunately in the “real world” this comes in the form of photo-shopped pictures and layers of makeup. Often created to produce a flawless skin look. Believing in false advertisement is not a good way to enhance your natural beauty.

The time has come to reveal your authentic beauty. Are you ready? If so, “strip yourself bare”. Follow these skin rejuvenation beauty tips. Add them to your daily or weekly routines. The final outcome? Healthy glowing skin.

Face & neck:

1. Steam bath- (once a week) give your face the ultimate steam bath. Boil a large pot of water. If you want the ultimate spa experience add 2 teaspoons of herbs or oil to your pot. The scents will automatically dance with the steam. This creates a relaxing ambiance. Place a towel over your head and face for 5 to 7 minutes while rotating your face and neck. Afterwards rinse your face and neck with cool water and hydrate your skin. Your skin pores will be clean healthy and your skin will glow. [Bonus tip: drink a glass of water right after this treatment]. The water will flush out unwanted toxins.


2. Exfoliate- (once a week) exfoliate your body with your facial scrub. The face should not be the only body part getting all the attention. It takes approximately 5-10 minutes to jump in the shower and scrub away those dead skin cells. This “must do” beauty tip will give your body a silky smooth look and feel. [Bonus tip: air dry the skin and hydrate with a rich body cream while wet].

Feet & hands:

1. Care and cover- (once a week) give your hands and feet the ultimate care. Put aside some time to give yourself a DIY mani and pedi. Slather on some rich moisturizer and cover with cotton gloves and socks as you retire to bed. Eight hours later and you awake to the softest hands and feet. [Bonus tip: square toenails go very well with dark polish. Round toenails works well with brighter colors.

Small changes produces big results. Strip yourself bare. Show your real beauty.

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