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Stripes for winter

525 American Reversible Striped Open Cardigan
525 American Reversible Striped Open Cardigan

It's greatly concerning to me that it's only January 8, and my entire body is aching for warm weather.  Spring fever has come unusually early this year.  

Instead of drowning my sorrows in black and grey, I've decided to add a little spring to my wintery step.  I'm attempting to incorporate the springiest of all styles into my winter wardrobe: the stripe.  Sure, it's nautical and literally makes me yearn for a boat.  But that doesn't mean we should limit it to sailing season. 

This black linen sailor sweater from J.Crew at Keystone at the Crossing would look stunning with black jeggings, a sparkly gold belt, and this cardigan. With enough winter accessories, even the stripiest of stripes can transcend into various seasons. 

Or if you're not feeling quite so bold, opt for this Reversible Stripe Open cardi. You don't have to completely embrace the trend - and for the majority of the day, you can keep the stripes to yourself.  

And, when spring's loveliness truly descends upon us, be sure you're prepared with these pinstripe mini-shorts. Could they be any cuter?


  • Profile picture of Parmeeta Ghoman
    Parmeeta Ghoman 4 years ago

    Love the reversible striped cardi, very handy when traveling!

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