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Stretching those heels, feet and ankles

Walking and standing is something most people do daily. Also, sitting for eight hours a day is something people do daily at least five days a week as well. It is important to stretch out your feet everyday to improve flexibility and elasticity. Walking constantly puts pressure on your feet and it is good to exercise and strengthen your feet.

What should we do to exercise our feet?

Doing exercises such as bending your foot forward and back and side to side will help improve movement. Stepping on your toes and doing raises will help strengthen your feet and calves. If you wear heels a lot try to take them off every two hours or so and do foot rolls to relieve some pressure. When you wear heels, the back of your ankle called the Achilles Tendon could shorten if your heel is constantly in an upright position. You should try to walk around with out the heels for a while and ensure that you are exercising your foot and ankle to prevent your tendon from tearing if you suddenly have to run. You should also try to take some time and jog or walk with regular running shoes. To stretch out the back of your ankle you may simply place the top of your foot on a slant against the wall and lean forward. you may also lift your foot up and stretch it that way. You can also exercise your feet by standing with your feet shoulder width apart and rolling forward onto the balls of your feet then rolling back on to your heels. Just do not roll too far and fall. Tapping your toes for a while to the beat of a song helps with strengthening as well. One way to do it is to tap with your right side for one minute and then alternate and tap with your left side for one minute. Then do the same with your heels. Doing ankle rolls as well is helpful as it could help to prevent injury if you accidentally trip on something and your foot bends the wrong way.

There are more advanced ways to strengthen your feet but for now start with the basics and work your way up to the more advanced ways. Try it out. Strengthen those feet. Try some exercises to relieve all that stress that your feet take each day. There are clinics in Toronto that have some diagrams of stretches you can do. Maybe taking a session or two with a physiotherapist if your feet really bother you will give you a better idea of what you can do to help your feet.

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