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Stretch Your Money Further. Shop Consignment, Resale, and Thrift stores!

Panorama of My Girlfriend's Wardrobe
Panorama of My Girlfriend's Wardrobe
Curtsey of My Girlfriend's Wardrobe Consignment Store

Spring is finally here! As temperatures warm up, you'll most likely be going thru your closets and finding out what items you need to purchase to have an on trend, and great Spring and Summer wardrobe. Before you head to the mall, check out these few tips on why shopping resale, consignment, and thrift stores will help you stretch your money, so you're able to get all of the pieces you're dying to have!

First, let me explain the difference between these three types of stores so you're fully prepared for a unique shopping experience. Consignment stores mostly take items on consignment, meaning they are selling the items they have available for other people, and splitting the selling price with them. Resale stores usually buy the items outright from their suppliers, and thrift stores mostly rely on donations from people like you and I, to resell and support their cause. Consignment and resale stores are able to be choosey when accepting items, and these items will all be in new or excellent condition. Consignment and resale stores also price items at half, to a third of their retail price. Thrift stores still receive great pieces, however some of the pieces you find might need minor repairs such as replacing buttons, zippers, or tiny holes.

Now that you know the difference, it's time to get ready to go shopping!

As mentioned above consignment and resale stores price their items at half, to a third of the items retail price. In some cases this equals 80% off retail prices, saving you a ton of money. Most consignment and resale shops will only accept designer items, and some even use services such as Authenticate First, to ensure the authenticity of their items.

Consignment, resale, and thrift stores all get merchandise in that is currently following the trends. Those statement J. Crew necklaces you love so much, you might be able to find them at a consignment store for way less! Most consignment and resale stores only take items that were purchased new within the last two years. Thrift stores receive a variety of items, from all years, which is great if you don't have a vintage consignment or resale shop near you.

You'll also be saving time and money. Why? All those brands you love, are in one store. There's no walking to store to store, or driving to two different malls. That's what I call smart shopping. You're also being eco-friendly in more ways than one. You're saving gas but not driving all over the place, and you're recycling gently loved clothing, rather than buying new.

Most of these shops are privately owned, and small businesses. You're bound to have a unique shopping experience, and great customer service. These shops usually receive new items daily, and don't be afraid to ask when they put the most new items out, as the employees will be glad to tell you.

Probably the best reason to shop at these types of stores, is you can turn the clothing that no longer fits, or you no longer love, into cash for new items. Most consignment stores offer checks/cash, PayPal, or store credit as payment options for when your items sell. Resale shops will give you cash or store credit up front. Some consignment and resale stores even give you more money when you choose to spend your earnings thru a store credit.

A few of my favorite and local consignment shops are:
My Girlfriend's Wardrobe
Mish Mash
The Top Drawer

I'd love to hear about your favorite shop, and your favorite piece from that store!

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