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Stretch your dollars when applying salt to icy areas around your home

When the temperatures drop and winter is in full swing many areas of the country experience light and heavy snowfalls. The snow by itself when cleared away isn’t as bad as when the residue that the shovel doesn’t pick up remains behind and freezes turning into ice.

Rock salt can harm growth around the house!

That ice is slippery and dangerous. Many household apply a de-icer, salt or calcium based pellets to the driveway, sidewalks and garden paths that are used daily. These items are very useful and add up over the course of the winter season.

Applying them directly from the canisters, jugs or bags they come in will do the job but you really don’t need to use as much as you do to get the job done. In fact if you apply salt to melt the ice it is best to mix it with sand or kitty litter. You will achieve the same effect and it won’t cost an arm and a leg.

Before the season starts or right now purchase a fifty pound bag of sand and say five pounds of salt. Mix the two together and apply that mixture the next time you need to control ice on steps, sidewalks and driveways.

Doing this has another purpose besides saving money. It will also protect any plants, shrubs and grass that the salt comes in contact with. Salt and de-icer products can damage plants, compact the soil around driveways and sidewalks, cripple root growth of grass, plants and shrubs.

So next time you grab the container of salt think twice and mix it with sand or kitty litter and your yard will thank you come spring.

Stay safe from the ice and its slippery dangers, safe money and your plants too!

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