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Stress: the curse of highly civilized and developed countries.

bad faces
bad faces
Andree Suddoo

Stress increase addictions and illnesses.

Stress and its destructive consequences have been studied for a long time; damage to health is often irreversible. Highly civilized and developed countries tend to be the most affected.

Starting in the womb, the fetus is already strain by a stressed and too often malnourished mother. Being over-weight does not mean that the mother is well nourished. With improper eating and living condition, the fetus may develop genetic defects on top of inherited ones. Today, children suffer more and more from ADHD, autism and other neurological and cardiac disorders and cancers.

Cells suffer from oxidative injuries caused as a primary source by stress. Addictions to things like food, alcohol, illegal drugs, prescribed medicine and tobacco use are mostly due to unrecognized longtime stress underlining effects. Stress increase oxidative cell’s damages, insomnia, anxiety and depression.

In 2014, health officials claim that tobacco’s use has been reduced. ‘Getting rid of stress’ and the habit of smoking has been replaced by other more dramatic addictions. Over-eating, illegal or legal drugs have for most part replaced tobacco. Everyone has some type of addiction regardless of economic background. Money or level of education does not seem to be relevant in most instances. cases of multiple actors or singers tell the story of stress, anxiety and depression driving them to suicide or accidental death by over-dose of illegal drugs or over-prescribed medications.

The cycle: addictions are mostly caused by longtime stress.

Over 70 percent of people are now over-weight or obese. Pills for pain management, anti-depressant as well as anxiety tablets and other psychotic drugs are highly prescribed.

Deaths by oxycodone and psychotic prescribed medicine use alone have skyrocketing.

Alcohol habit by young adolescent is on the rise as well as heroin, methamphetamine and other street drugs. Veterans, senior citizen and children are the ones that are the most targeted by pharmaceutical companies. They are too often prescribed multiple capsules.

Deaths due to over-prescribed medications use for long period of time have not been related to long period of stress.

Psychological mental health problems are rising due to prolonged stress among the population. People are unable to face the ‘weight of daily life’ impose on them.

Productivity, low wage, beauty standards and other unhealthy society pressures are being reinforced by corrupted officials, lobbyists, multiple corporations and other immoral individuals.

‘To help you’, the government, ‘kindly’ ‘offers’ health care insurance to reduce the deficit of bankrupt hospitals or other such institutions. The power of pharmaceutical companies to distribute their so needed deadly medications has been a privilege of well-paid doctors. In the meantime, prevention is push aside.

Despite multiple campaigns to increase healthy diet and exercise, more and more people are still dealing with how they will pay for decent housing or keep their kids save from psychotic individuals.

Violence and the rising crime rate among some groups are obvious signs that the current system is far from being perfect; despite the media pointing otherwise like low employment rate or health care insurance.

What to do when facing survival of an uncaring society?

How to decrease stress?

  • Exercise, proper food, healthy environment, higher spirit, time off, good body hygiene and sleep are first steps to decrease stress.
  • Eliminating too many hours of TV is another move: violence, news from war, catastrophe has been shown to increase more stress, anxiety and depression.
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