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Stress Relief by Seeing the Miami Beach Sites

No matter what you like to do, whether it is relax on the beach with a book all day or party in a club all night, there is plenty for everyone to do in the Miami Beach, FL area. This holds true for artists, musicians, restaurant connoisseurs, bird watchers, and environmentalists. Visiting Miami is unlike any other area you will ever visit and seeing the sites will take more than one vacation to accomplish seeing everything.

Some travelers believe that a trip to Miami Beach would not be complete without stopping in the South Beach area. This could be because they want to experience the nightlife and party on the beach. This could be because they want to experience the art-deco nouveau architecture. No matter the reason, be sure to indulge in the experience by staying in one of the luxurious beachfront hotels and enjoying one of the many fine dining restaurants.

Is visiting a zoo more your way of rounding out your vacation plans? You are in luck because Zoo Miami is climbing in the ranks of popularity in terms of National acclaim. Because Miami has a tropical climate similar to Asia, Africa, and Australia, the zoo is able to become home to a wide variety of animal unlike any other compared to other zoos throughout the country. What makes this zoo appealing, too, is its lack of cages. The peaceful living environments allow animals to cohabitate while onlookers learn about how their geographic locations favor their lifestyles.

For those who are accompanied by young travelers, you cannot forget the Children's Museum when chronicling your sites to see in Miami Beach, Fl. Now, do not let this museum fool you. There are plenty of adults who enjoy this museum, as well, and they are not accompanied by any children. Some of the exhibits include a television studio, pet central, ocean odyssey, and world music studio. The museum's motto is, " "Play, Learn, Imagine, Create," and you can see why as you move from one exhibit to the next.

Now, if science is more your thing, then you must add the Miami Museum of Science to your travel itinerary. In addition to featuring the Miami Planetarium and a wildlife center, visitors of this science museum will also see a wide variety of exhibits and activities. Some examples include The Reclamation Project, Newton's Notions, and Music Musica. As with the Children's Museum, adults and children alike enjoy the interactivity and learning experiences found throughout this museum.

We, of course, can't forget to add the many vast and beautiful beaches found in Miami. While visiting the beach is a great opportunity to get some exercise if you are interested in sand sports and swimming, it is also a great place for relaxation. There is nothing like sitting back in the sun on South Beach or Haulover Beach when you want to just forget about the rest of the world and read a good book. The same holds true for Virginia Key Beach, as well as Homestead Bayfront Park and Marina.

Last, but not least, is the Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park. This gorgeous area of Miami Beach is home to the Cape Florida Lighthouse and is located on Key Biscayne. In addition to learning a healthy dose of history, you will also be able to picnic, sunbath, and swim while visiting. If you are not interested in picnicking, you go fishing off the seawall or enjoy fine dining at Boater’s Grill instead. The lighthouse has full-service guided tours, so you can learn everything you ever wanted to know about its heritage.

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